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28 January 2008 @ 07:25 pm
getting home  
after listening to myself talk for five hours straight today, it took too long to walk four long blocks from campus to my car. it was dark and i was cold, sore-throaty, and i was carrying two heavy bags--and i had forgotten my scarf.  i didn't want to feel the cold and i didn't want to look at anything and i didn't want to maneuver among people walking and riding their bikes on the sidewalk. once in my car and headed home, Hoover was immediately backed up with barely-moving cars. some drivers were patient and helpful, others were the type where they aren't going to let anyone in even though they aren't getting anywhere any faster.  when i came to the trouble--the road just past the freeway--it was blocked and flares lit up the street, but the scene was empty--evacuated of whatever trauma had been there.  so i made a detour. then after inching along on this street for awhile i had to pull over so that three red screaming fire trucks and an ambulance could speed past me.  after the four block trek from my parking space to my apartment building (now with three bags in tow) i sat down at my desk in my apartment only to hear a blurred shrieking of children and police sirens outside. i usually don't hear the traffic outside. but tonight i am more tired than i have been in awhile--and things seem harder, sound louder, and feel colder.