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adreedle's Journal

18 December 1971
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i grew up in a small town in the Midwest where the summers were green and humid and the winters were white and brown and cold. i had a pink bike with a banana seat and then a yellow bike. i played with insects with seriousness and delight. i went to basketball games, drank alot of root beer and apple juice, and was a very good swimmer. i ate hot dogs for lunch in the summer and ate french fries at Just Rite afterschool. in my twenties, i lived in the Southwest where the sky was always a mix of intense white light and lovely colors. the summers were a scorching dry heat, until the monsoons, and then the late afternoon thunderstorms rinsed the burn off everything and it was time to go outside. the winters were cool and bright. there, i lived in a dorm, two studio apartments, two one-bedroom apartments, and four houses. i painted and then stopped painting, read books that i never will get rid of, went to music shows in small spaces, hung around with smart fun boys, fell in love with mole, green corn tamales, with teaching high school kids and with a dog and with others--and i fell in love with the city that i often miss. i now live on the West Coast in a sprawling city with neighborhoods that i love and am still getting to know. here i go to school where i eat the same breakfast burrito (egg, potato, cheese, avocado, hot salsa) twice a week.